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The Spanish Peaks area is composed of two prominent peaks and associated dike swarms about 19 to 22 mi (30 to 35 km) southwest of Walsenburg in south-central Colorado(Fig. 1). Although the entire area is surrounded by roads, the Apishapa Pass road on the south flank of the high peaks is open only in the summer time. From Walsenburg, the north slope is accessible by driving west on U.S. 160 about 11 mi (18 km) to Colorado 111. Continue 5 mi (8 km) west and south on Colorado 111 to the town of La Veta. Take a country road from the southeast edge of town for about 7 mi (11 km) south and southeast past twin reservoirs to Wahatoya Canyon and the Forest Service Wahatoya trail head at an elevation of about 8,400 ft (2,560 m). The main trail leading south goes to the Bulls Eye Mine, elevation 11,200 ft (3,414 m), on the north slope of West Spanish Peak, elevation 13,626 ft (4,153 m).

Access to the south flank of the Spanish Peaks is from Apishapa Pass, which can be reached by continuing from La Veta south on Colorado 111 about 16 mi (26 km) to Cucharas Pass. Turn left onto the Forest Service road to the northeast and drive about 6 mi (9.6 km) to the trail head at Apishapa Pass (closed in the winter), elevation 11,248 ft (3,428 m). From the pass, a trail leads to timberline on West Spanish Peak at an elevation of about

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