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The Summer Coon volcano is located about 6 mi (9.6km) north of Del Norte, Colorado, on the western edge of the San Luis Valley (Fig. 1). The intrusive core and northern half of the volcano can be found on the Twin Mountains and Twin Mountains SE 7¼-minute quadr lies in the Indian Head and Del Norte 7¼-minute quadrangles. To reach the area of the volcanic core, take orado 112 from Del Norte to County Road 33; travel north n 33 about 6.2 mi (9.9 km); turn left on Road A32 (Forest Service road 660), marked by a small sign to "Natural Arch,” and drive into the volcano.

The volcano lies almost entirely within the Rio Grande National Forest and is accessible by dirt roads, which are usually graded for passenger cars. Some areas, especially those that are near the Natural Arch and off the main road, should only be attempted during periods of clement weather or with four-wheel drive. The main road lies close to some of the radiating dikes and to good outcrops of extrusive material; it passes within 0.5 mi (0.8 km) of the heart of the intrusive complex. The round-trip time (from Del Norte) is ahalf-day minimum.

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