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Location and Access. Four localities north of Fort Collins, Colorado (Fig. 1) display many of the structural features found throughout the Wyoming province of the Rocky Mountain Foreland. All of the localities can be viewed from public roads that are easily accessible to passenger cars or buses.

Significance of Locality. The northeastern flank of the Front Range displays several varieties of Laramide folds as well as critical relationships for demonstrating that the folds in the sedimentary rocks are forced folds resulting from differential uplift of faulted blocks of Precambrian basement. Within this smallarea are several beautifully exposed monoclines; differentially up-lifted blocks (both tilted and untilted) of Precambrian basement;and well-displayed asymmetrical anticlines, synclines, domes, andbasins. The area is also cut by a major lineament that separatestwo major structural styles in the Front Range and Denver Basin(Matthews, 1976). In this small area, one can see most of the crucial relationships which bear on the controversy over the nature and origin of Laramide deformation in the Rocky Mountain Foreland Province. The sites are described in more detail in Matthews and others (1976), Matthews and Sherman (1976), and Matthews and Work (1978).

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