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The spectacular exposures in the lower part of Salina Canyon(Figs. 1, 2) lie in the Basin and Range to Colorado Plateau transition zone to the east of thrust-faulted Paleozoic rocks in the Pavant and Canyon ranges. The stratigraphic and structural relations exposed along a 4-mi (6.5-km) east-west corridor here provide unsurpassed insight into the late Mesozoic to middle Tertiary geologic history of central Utah. A well-exposed Middle Jurassic to Upper Cretaceus sedimentary section is unconformably overlain by one of the most complete lower Tertiary sequences found in this part of the state.

The site can be reached by following old U.S. 50 (called the “frontage road” in this text) from Salina or from the Gooseberry Valley exit off 1–70 east of the site (Fig. 1, inset). Examination of the area requires two short hikes, one of about 1 mi (1.6 km) round trip (depending upon your vehicle) and one of 2.5 mi(4.0 km).

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