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The site discussed here in is located in the central Wasatch Mountains near the mouth of Weber Canyon, 9 mi (15 km) southeast of Ogden, Utah. Numerous excellent exposures of Precambrian metamorphic and igneous rocks occur in Weber Canyon from approximately Mountain Green, Utah, downstream to the mouth, in an area of roughly 4 mi2 (10.5 km2) (Fig. 1). The area of principal interest is in sections 26 and 36, T.5N., R. 1 W., and in Sec. 28–32, T.5N., R. 1 E. (Salt Lake Meridian). The Devil’s Gate-Weber Canyon locality occupies the southwest comerof the Snow Basin 7½-minute Quadrangle andthe southeast corner of the Ogden, Utah 7½-minute Quadrangle. I-84 bisects the area and offers easy accessto many excellent outcrops.

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