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This geological field site, notorious for strong, persistent, unidirectional winds that have created classic eolian landforms, is located in the SW¼ Sec.30, T.25N., R.84W., Carbon County, Wyoming (Figs.1), 1,). The area is readily accessible via paved road by traveling north from the town of Sinclair, Wyoming, a distanceof 30 mi (48 km) on the Seminoe Road. This highway is the main access route to Seminoe State Park. The locale is on public land, administered by the Bureau of Land Management, but it borders on private ranch land to the north and state-owned land to the west.

The area is within the broad, windswept zone of central Wyoming (Fig. 1) known as the Wyoming Wind Corridor(Marrs and Kolm, Kolm 1982). The large active dunes at this site and older stabilized dunes in the area are part of the Seminoe Dune Field (Fig. 1) 2). Most dunes in the area are marginally stabilized parabolic dunes. The few active dunes are relatively large and slow moving with active fronts and partially stabilized tails.

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