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Guernsey is located in southeastern Wyoming on the Hartville Uplift between Torrington and Douglas on U.S. 26.Guernsey State Park, which is 1 mi (1.6 km) north of U.S. 26, has an average elevation of 4500 ft (1400 m). It is readily accessible by car or bus anytime of the year because this is one of the warmest parts of Wyoming. Most of the outcrops are located in Guernsey State Park, which is in the Guernsey Reservoir quadrangle, Platte County, Sec.4, T.27N., R.66W., approximately 42°17'N,104°46'W.

Key locations to examine the problem of the nature of the solution surface on the top of the Guernsey Limestone are shown on Figure 1. An excellent view of the principal locality (B) (Fig. 2) on the east side of the North Platte River can be obtained from area A on the west side. The paleo-sinkhole at the south end of the exposure, and the solution surface to the north can be reached for closer examination by means of arduous hikes from parking lot C.

To reach the sinkhole area, walk southeasterly from the parking lot on the maintenance road, through the maintenance yards, down into a tributary valley and south along the river.

To see several 3 to 5 ft (1 to 1.5 m) solution arches, and a chert breccia (Fig. 3), on the solution surface, walk from the parking lot down to the top of the Guernsey Limestone and southward along this unconformity. Hiking here should be done with care because

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