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Geologic features along the Hoback River Canyon in central western Wyoming illustrate tectonic effects and stratigraphic and structural evidence for dating thrusts and later listric normal faults in part of the Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt and adjacent Foreland. Figure 1 and Table 1 combine to show that major thrusts in the Thrust Belt young in thedirection of tectonic transport, in this case from west to east, the oldest being the Paris Thrust and the youngest the Prospect. The preeminent features, logged below and visible from the highway (Fig. 2) are, west to east, the Hoback Fault (listric normal), Bear Thrust, Prospect (=Cliff Creek=Jackson) Thrust and Game Hill Thrust. These are capitalized on Table 1.

The site description begins on the west at Hoback Junction, 13 mi (21 Km) south of Jackson, Wyoming, on U.S. 187-189. It follows U.S. 187-189 east from there for 16 mi (26 km) with four stops enroute (Fig. 2). It crosses from south-central Teton County into northwestern Sublette County within U.S. Geological Survey Camp Davis and Bull Creek 7½-minute tomographic and geologic map quadrangles. Small-scale colored geologic map and cross-section sheets, which include the site, are in the pocket at the back of Dorr and others, 1977. A detailed road log of this area is given by Spearing and Steidtmann (1977).

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