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This text includes two sites: the first is the Heart Mountain detachment fault and elastic dikes of fault breccia (Site 33 in Fig. 1); the second, located 1 mi (2 km)to the west of the first, is a related feature termed the Heart Mountain break-away fault (Site 33 in Fig. 1). If only one site can be examined, Site 33 should be selected: It is more accessible, and has better exposures and more features pertaining to the Heart Mountain fault.

Site 33 (Fig. 1), showing the Heart Mountain detachment fault and elastic dikes, is situated 0.5 mi (0.8 km) due south of Silver Gate, Montana. It can be reached on foot by climbing a steep mountain slope (600-vertical ft (180-m) gain in 1,800 ft (540 m), beginning at the end of the road 1,000 ft (300 m) south of the Post Office. The site is on public land but at the outset 300 ft (100 m) of private land must be crossed when taking the most direct route. The owner of the undeveloped private land does not object to scientists crossing her land to reach Site 33.

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