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The area described herein is in southeastern Idaho, in Franklin and Bannock counties. It is readily reached via I–15 and various paved state highways from any direction.

Each stop is easily accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles when roads are dry. However, the dirt roads leading to stops 1 to 6 can be extremely slick when soaked. Permission from property owners is required if you desire to wander beyond each stop.

The tour is keyed to the following 7½-minute quadrangles: Pocatello North, Inkom, Arimo, McCammon, Bonneville Peak, Downey West, Downey East, Oxford, and Swan Lake. The latter two are particularly important for locating features south of the overflow site. The Preston and Pocatello 2-degree quadrangles are also suggested.

The trip will take about six hours. It begins in northern Cache Valley at the hamlet of Oxford, proceeds northward through Red Rock Pass and Marsh Valley, and ends in the Pocatello area (Fig. 1). Food and lodging can be found in Preston (dry) and Pocatello.

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