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The gravity-slide block lies below the steep west flank of the Snake River Range near Alpine, Wyoming. Alpine is 37 mi (60 km) southwest of Jackson, Wyoming, via U.S. 89-26 and 73mi (117 km) east of Idaho Falls, Idaho, via U.S. 26. A Forest Service campground and several motels, restaurants, and stores are located at Alpine.

Rocks are well exposed at three stops on U.S. 26 north of Alpine along the east shore of Palisades Reservoir (Fig. 1). All stops are in the Targhee National Forest. No permission is required to visit them and all are accessible by passenger car when roads are dry. Stop 2 is reached by hiking 0.4 mi (0.7 km) overland and climbing 650 ft (200 m).

Stop 1 is in Long Springs Canyon (SW¼NW¼Sec.17,T.37N.,R.118W. on the Alpine Quadrangle map; Albee and Cullins, 1975). Drive 1.9 mi (3 km) north on U.S. 26 from the junction of U.S. 26 and 89 to a gravel road at the U.S. Forest Service sign“4-H Camp.” Turn east into Targhee National Forest and go 1.0 mi (1.6 km). Drive through the 4-H Camp and Idaho State University Geology Field Camp and across Long Springs Creek. An optional stop 1A is 0.2 mi (0.3 km) east and 0.2 mi (0.3 km) north.

Stop 2 is reached via an unimproved dirt road that is 1.3 mi (2.1 km) north of the 4-H Camp road intersection on U.S. 26. Drive east 0.5 mi (0.8 km) to the end of the dirt road. Walk upslope through the woods north-northeast to the base of the tan cliffs

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