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The Menan Buttes are located at the Madison County-Jefferson County border in southeast Idaho, 56 mi (90 km) southwest of Yellowstone National Park and 9.8 mi (15.7 km) west-southwest of Rexburg, Idaho (Fig. 1). From Rexburg, take Idaho 33 west and turn south at an improved light-duty road that is 2.6 mi (4.3 km) past the bridge that crosses the Henry’s Fork (Fig. 1). North Menan Butte lies 1.9 mi (3 km) south of Idaho 33. From Idaho Falls, take U.S. 191/20 northeast to the town of Lorenzo; turn left at Idaho 80 and go past the town of Annis and a double bend in Idaho 80 where the road passes up and over two small volcanic cone remnants (Fig. 1). After passing the remnants, turn north at the second paved road that extends northward. North Menan Butte lies 3.9 mi (6.2 km) north of Idaho 80 on this road. As shown on Figure 1, paved light-duty and unimproved dirt roads encircle North Menan Butte and allow easy access for two-wheel drive vehicles. North Menan Butte is owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and is open to the public, whereas South Menan Butte is privately owned, and permission is required from David South to gain entry. Since the two buttes are similar, it is advisable to study the one with public access rather than asking for access to the privately owned butte.

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