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The Lemhi Range, Idaho, is one of three northwest-trending basin-ranges along the northeastern margin of the eastern Snake River Plain (Fig. 1). The southern end of the range is about 55 mi (88 km) northwest of Idaho Falls. The small town of Howe is the closest location for food, water, gasoline, and a trailer park. The nearest motels and service stations are in Arco, about 22 mi(35 km) to the southwest. The area is covered by six 1:24,000 topographic quadrangles. They are listed in the caption of Figure 2A and will be essential for detailed planning of access.

Access to the outcrops is provided by graded dirt roads from Howe to the alluvial apron where rougher roads (traversable by pickups) lead to the seven major canyons in which the stratigraphic sections are exposed (Fig. 2A). From west to east, these canyons are South Creek Canyon, Black Canyon, Middle Canyon, East Canyon, Box Canyon (informal name), an unnamed canyon with a jeep road that crosses the range, and, on the east side of the range, Kyle Canyon.

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