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The Stillwater Complex is about 75 mi (120 km) southwest of Billings, Montana, and northeast of Yellowstone National Park (Fig. 1). Exposures of the NE-dipping complex extend over a 30-mi-long (48 km) strike along the north margin of the Beartooth Mountains. The Benbow and Mountain View areas southwest of Absarokee, Montana (Fig. 1), are readily accessible by passenger car. The Benbow area offers easy access to a variety of rocks from the ultramafic series and chromite deposits but only limited exposures of features from the banded series. The Mountain View area offers easy access to most of the banded series and the platinum deposits.

The Benbow and Mountain View areas are reached by exiting 1-90 at Columbus, Montana (Fig. 1), onto Montana 78 and proceeding south to Absarokee. County Highway 419 to both areas begins 2.5 mi (4.0 km) south of Absarokee. It is a narrow blacktop road that passes through Fishtail, where a small motel and restaurant are located. The Benbow turnoff at Dean, a collection of several houses, is 13.9 mi (22.4 km) from Montana 78. Turn left onto the gravel road marked “Benbow mine” if you wish to tour the Benbow area (Table 1). Continue on County Highway 419 if you wish to tour the Mountain View area (Table 2). The Nye Post Office and Carters Camp are located 20.4 mi (32.8 km) from the Montana 78 junction. Continuing ahead 5.4 mi (8.7 km) will bring you to the platinum mining operations at the end of the backtop road.

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