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The evidence for interaction between Laurentide and Rocky Mountain glaciers east of Waterton-Glacier Park can best be studied by examining a number of sites in the zone of glacier overlap and possible confluence. The 10 stops described in this field guide are located in the Saint Mary, Belly, and Waterton drainages in Montana and Alberta (Fig. 1). With the exceptions of Stops 1 and 10, which occur on the Blackfeet Indin Reservation and in Waterton Park, respectively, all stops occur on public roads through private land. Landowner’s permission is not required for the excursion as described but should be obtaine before collecting samples or extensive off-route exploration. The trip can be completed in a long half day with two-wheel drive vehicle. Those with less time may limit their trip to Stops 1 through 5 on the U.S. side or the approximately equivalent Stops 6 through 10 in Canada. The U.S. portion of the trip is covered by the Cutbank 1:250,000 topographic sheet and the Saint Mary, Babb, Duck Lake, Wetzel, Hall Coulee, Emigrant Gap, and Pike Lake 1:24,000 sheets. The Canadian portion is covered by the Lethbridge 1:250,000 sheet and the Cardston and Waterton Lakes (82 H/3 and H/4) 1:50,000 sheets.

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