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Register of Collecting Localities

January 01, 1975


The. following pages list the localities from which samples were collecting in this study. They are listed by county, townships within counties, and sections within townships. Descriptions of the localities are rendered in conventional fashion. Because most of the localoities include marine units, that are relatively thin and uncomplicated, a pimple listing of the samples in stratigraphic order is presented in lieu of measured sections. Where possible these are keyed to citations in the literature or to specific file information of the Illinois State Geological Survey. Initials of persons responsible for these field nstes are given, and those known include: ETB = E. T. Benson, ACB = A. C. Bevan, DLC = D. L., Carroll, HEC = H. E. Culver, LC = L. Currier?, and HRW = H. R.Wanless.

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Pennsylvanian Conodont Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of Northwestern Illinois

Glen K. Merrill
Glen K. Merrill
Department of Geology College of Charleston Charleston, South Carlina
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January 01, 1975




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