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Bald Mountain is located in the southeast corner of the Fort Miller 7½-minute Quadrangle, Washington County, eastern New York. Access is gained via New York 40 north from Greenwich, New York (Fig. 1). A paved secondary road (Bald Mountain Road) leads past the quarries on the west side of the mountain, and the quarry faces can be reached by walking along an overgrowngravel track (entered near the intersection of Bald Mountainand Lick Springs roads). The quarries are abandoned, butadjacent landowners should be notified of your intentions. Schaghticoke Gorge is located south of Bald Mountain in the Schaghticoke 7½-minute Quadrangle at Schaghticoke, New York. Access is also from New York 40 at Chestnut Street on thesouth side of the village. A dirt road is followed from the villagestreet to the lower gorge of the Hoosick River (Fig. 1). The mainexposures here lie in the river bottom, and are therefore best seenin the late summer and fall. The river bottom is public domain, but cars should not be driven over the old concrete bridge at theriver (see Fig. 4), as this is owned by the power company.

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