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The pre-Late Devonian Cordilleran miogeocline consisted of extensive shallow-water platforms upon which carbonate-clastic deposits accumulated. They were flanked to the west by deep-water environments where shale and carbonate accumulated (Rocky Mountains Assemblage). Clastic sediments were largely craton-derived. During the Late Devonian sedimentation patterns changed dramatically as turbiditic, chert-rich clastics, derived from the west and north, flooded the northern Cordillera (Earn and Imperial assemblages). Shale (Besa River Assemblage) was deposited far out onto the miogeocline and InteriorPlatform; the carbonate front of the Rundle Assemblage retreated far to the east and south of its Middle Devonian position. By mid-Mississippian time the clastic influx waned and normal marine shelf carbonate and clastic sedimentation resumed, once again with clastics derived from the craton. Devono-Mississippian plutonism occurred only in northernmost Yukon Territory, and volcanism was restricted to central Yukon and south-central British Columbia.Pre-Late Mississippian folding occurred in northern Yukon but elsewhere deformation is expressed only by local high-angle faults and disconformities.

Devono-Mississippian tectonism in the northern Yukon involved uplift and granitic intrusion in Frasnian to Early Mississippian time, resulting in an upward shoaling and southward-prograding clastic wedge. The sequence consists of shale at the base, flyschoid sediments near the middle, and partly fluvial-deltaic strata at the top. Deformation migrated southward from the area of uplift until the clastics themselves were folded prior to the mid-Carboniferous.

The source of Devono-Mississippian sediments in the central Cordillera was uppermost Precambrian quartzose clastics and lower Paleozoic chert from the western miogeocline. Western coarse clastics are typified

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