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The appearance of this volume, at a time after the Society has completed ao years of operations under the benefaction of Doctor Penrose, cannot fail to prompt many questions in the minds of the variety of readers from many walks of life—geologists and other scientists, lay folks from the professions and world of business, students of biography and genealogy, officers of other scientific organizations, patrons of other sciences, possibly some potential patrons, and citizens of many lands. All sorts of questions must arise from a situation so unique from every possible angle! A little-known profession interests a member of a prominent family best known for its political connections. He rises to the heights of the profession as a practitioner, professor, investor. He is recognized by the small but oldest and principal geological society in the United States, serves as its president, and a few months later bequeaths to it his half estate, that the income therefrom may be utilized in the pursuit of purposes to which he had given his professional years. Probably no other small organization in a relatively obscure science was ever so richly endowed. Comprehensive coverage of the area of inquiry would require a second volume. For this neither time nor space is here available. In fact, it would require deeper insight into the future than we possess. It would amount to a “biography” of the Society with parts, chapters, and paragraphs setting forth the devotion and loyalties of many Fellows, and closing with at least a word of prophesy.

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