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Busy with his many interests, Penrose spent the first half of 1904 in the United States, making several trips to Arizona, California, and Colorado on mining business. In July he set forth once more on his travels to see the ore deposits of the world. This time he selected for his field of study the Sandwich [Hawaiian] Islands, the Samoan Islands, New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania, returning to New York in the spring of 1905 by way of Ceylon, the Suez Canal, and Europe. While he was away, he received the following letter from J. A. Holmes, chief of the Department of Mines and Metallurgy in the Division of Exhibits at the St. Louis Exposition of 1904: My dear Penrose:- I am extremely anxious to have you serve on the International Jury of Awards in the Gold Section of the Department of Mines and Metallurgy, between September ist and 10th, and I sincerely trust that you will not fail of accepting the appointment which is hereby sent to you. You will meet a delightful party of men, representing mining and metallurgical industries of this and some foreign countries, and you will not find the work either long drawn out or tedious; your railroad fare, including sleeper to and from St. Louis will be paid, and there will be an allotment of $7.00 per day to cover your expenses while you are engaged in this work in St. Louis.

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