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Contribution No. 55–40 from the College of Mineral Industries, The Pennsylvania State University.

To aid the student of economic geology so that he may spend a maximum amount of time on the study of districts which interest him and a minimum on literature search, these bibliographies have been prepared. They include nearly all districts for which there is sufficient material readily available in print to permit the average geologist in North America to obtain a real understanding of any one of the deposits. Most of the items in the majority of the bibliographies are in English, but other languages using the Latin alphabet are included either to provide the bulk of the references for a deposit or to supplement those in English.

In the Introduction, the more important sources of references in the bibliographies are set down in the order in which they contributed citations. Several indices are provided which list the deposits alphabetically, by the minerals produced, by the age of mineralization, and by their position in a modification of the Lindgren Classification. An index of authors, indicating the bibliographies in which they are cited and reference numbers for which they are responsible, is also given. Short discussions on age of mineralization and the Lindgren Classification are used to introduce the indices to which they apply, and some remarks on the classification of ore deposits and a modification of the Lindgren Classification are appended. Sketch maps are included which show the approximate locations of the deposits which are the subjects of the bibliographies.

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