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H-l is the northernmost and longest, about 2000 km, of the three Mexican corridors. The terrane nomenclature used here is based on the distribution of ancient tribes of northern Mexico, and we hope that our names will be employed in future terrane studies in Mexico. From west to east, this transect contains the platform of the southern tip of Baja California Peninsula, the Gulf of California at the latitude of Mazatlan, and mainland Mexico, from the Siena Madre Occidental, through the City of Durango, the Sierra Madre Oriental, and ending in the state of Nuevo Leon, north of Monterrey City. Along this corridor, seven basement terranes have been identified: two of oceanic affinity and five of continental character. Parts of the terrane assemblage of the mainland are overlapped by two sequences in this corridor, one composed of rocks of the Sierra Madre Occidental Magmatic Province, and the other, of the Mesozoic Eastern Sedimentary Province of the Siena Madre Oriental.

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