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A few publications have been included in this guide and index to Grand Canyon geology that have not been annotated in the Annotated Bibliography of Grand Canyon Geology (Vols. 1-4, Geological Society of America Microform Publicotions 13, 14, 17, 20). To accommodate them, their annotations appear in this section. They will be included formally in the Annotated Bibliography when the next volume is prepared.

Birdse', E, C. H. 1924. Plan and profile of Colorado River from Lees Ferry, Ariz, to Black Canyon, Ariz.-Nev., and Virgin River, Nev. U.S. Geological Survey, 21 sheets, map scale I :36,680, profile scale 1:31,680 (venical scale 1 inch = 20 feet, "subject to adjustment"). (C. H. Birdseye, Chief Topographic Engineer; topography by C. H. Birdseye and R. W. Burchrd; some topography from existing 1903, 1905 Vishnu, Bright Angel, and Shinumo topographic quadrangle maps.)

A compendium of strip maps, lettered A through U, consisting of 14 plans and 7 profiles. Each topographic map is composed is disjointed river segments; 5' intervals of latitude and longitude are marked, existing benchmark positions are noted, Township and Range lines are marked where surveyed, political boundaries are delineated; trails, gage stations, and cable crossings are marked. Topographic contours are 50 feet on land and 5 feet on the river surface. Sheets A-I include the Grand Canyon from Lees Ferry to Grand Wash. Sheets J-L continue the Colorado River to Black Canyon. Sheets O-T are profiles; rapids are marked and tributaries are indicated by name; these profiles are straight-line segments of

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