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An Annotated Bibliography of the World Literature on the Grand Canyon Type Fossil Chuaria Circularis Walcott, 1899, an Index Fossil For the Late Proterozoic

January 01, 1983


This annotated bibliography is a guide to the literature on Chuaria Walcott, 1899, currently understood to be a nmnospecific genus represented by C. circularis Walcott, to which a number of other taxa have been referred in taxonomic synonymy. Because of the taxonomic complications in defining Chuaria, systematic and paleobiological discussions are avoided in the introductory remarks presented herein; such discussions are beyond the scope of a bibliography. Therefore, Chuaria is treated herein in a broad sense (Chuaria, sensu lato), which encompasses C. circularis, all other species which have been erected within the genus, and all those taxa which various authors have placed in synonymy with C. circularis or one of its synonyms. Throughout this bibliography, unless stated otherwise, all references to Chuaria implies C. circularis and its real and presumed synonyms. All these taxa can, at least right now, be placed within the broad morphological definition of Chuaria. The morphological descriptions of the synonymous taxa arti too diverse to satisfy most taxonomists. The diversity is due in large part to different depositional environments, taphonomic processes v affecting the preservation of the fossils, different study techniques, and changing contemporary understanding of this fossil and late Proterozoic paleobiology overall.

The obvious purpose of this bibliography is to present synopses of the nearly 150 publications which mention or discuss Chuaria. But of more importance to the researcher is the presentation of appropriate quotations regarding this fossil, in some instances the entire entry which refers to it. Also included herein are complete quotations of the original descriptions of Chuaria and its synonyms.

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Geology of the Grand Canyon: Annotated Bibliography with Annotated Catalogue of Grand Canyon Type Fossils

Geological Society of America
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January 01, 1983




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