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An Annotated Catalogue of Grand Canyon Type Fossils (Supplement and Revisions)

January 01, 1984


The primary objective in publishing Volume 2 is to revise three major sections the catalogue—vertebrates, trace fossils, and miscellanea. Although a few errors in Volume 1 are corrected here, these revised entries mostly expand on the corresponding entries in Volume 1. In each of these three sections, a sufficient, number of emendations were compiled to make complete rewriLings worthwhile; the same applies to the few smaller sections that are aIso revised here. As such, these new sections outrightly supersede the corresponding sections in Volume 1. The revised species lists and repository catalogues art, however, presented in their entireties and are cross-referenced to Volumes 1 and 2.

Particularly noticeable in Volume 2 is the very large expansion to the nomenclatural listings for Chuaria circularis Walcott. This problematical late Precambrian fossil has an unusually rich and varied nomenclatural history. I have been able to trace this fossil through the literature to more than 100 references, wherein it is known by many genera and species and descriptive terms. Although every attempt has been made to make the list exhaustive, no doubt a few undiscovered citations still lurk about; but I am certain that all of the critical references have been cited.

Throughout the catalogue, nearly every citation has been verified. The very few that have persisted in eluding me and the many helpful librarians to whom I have turned I cite with the notation “fide,”11 followed by my source.

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Geology of the Grand Canyon

Earle E. Spamer
Earle E. Spamer
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January 01, 1984




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