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Since its discovery in 1993, the mid-Irvingtonian (0.78–.55 Ma) Fairmead Landfill locality has produced thousands of specimens representing 72 taxa (2 fish, 2 amphibians, 3 reptiles, 6 birds, 29 mammals, 1 bivalve, 1 gastropod, 12 plants/palynomorphs, and 16 diatoms). Fossils occur in sediments representing distal alluvial fan channel, distal fan overbank flood or sheetflood, and marsh/lacustrine deposits of the upper unit of the Turlock Lake Formation. A broad range of taphonomic conditions is represented. Overall, the biota suggests a predominantly grassland habitat. The field trip will make three stops, the Madera County Paleontology Collection repository in downtown Madera, California; the Madera County Fairmead Landfill site; and the Fossil Discovery Center of Madera County.

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