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Our goals today are several-fold. We have now spent five days examining different parts of the Mesozoic Sierran arc, and hopefully discussions are already under way attempting to integrate both the shared and distinct characteristics of these individual magma plumbing systems and synchronous tectonics. We will briefly continue these discussions below. Our main focus will be to consider the arc as a whole and introduce a number of new regional data sets related to the tectonic and magmatic components of this arc. By the end of the day, we hope that our discussions have evolved to a consideration of the overall petrologic evolution of the arc, the tectonic and magmatic arc tempos, and their potential links. Without an airplane, or satellite, or Hollywood earth coring machine, it is difficult to take you to field locations where we can observe large sections of the arc. Instead, as we travel west back across the arc, we have selected a number of scenic overview stops, where we will introduce and discuss these new data sets while looking at gorgeous views of the arc…

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