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Much of today will be spent in the plutons that are the principal host rocks of the western margin of the Tuolumne Intrusive Complex ( Fig. 3-1 ). These include the Sentinel and Yosemite Creek granodiorites (Kistler, 1973; Bateman, 1992) and the Yosemite Valley Intrusive Suite ( Bateman, 1992 ). The Sentinel and Yosemite Creek Granodiorites were tentatively included as part of the Tuolumne by Kistler and Fleck (1994) and Bateman (1992), but assignment of these plutons to the Tuolumne has been hampered by lack of detailed study. We and our students and colleagues have been mapping and conducting focused studies on the petrology, geochemistry, and structure of both plutons recently, but the results are presently only in theses and abstracts (Petsche, 2008; Fulmer and Kruijer, 2009; Bliekendaal, 2012; van der Linde, 2012; Johnson, 2013). Reasonably accessible exposures of these units can be seen along Highway 120 within Yosemite National Park 

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