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The Guanajuato Mining District covers an area 20 km long by an average of 16 km wide located 475 km northwest of Mexico City in the approximate center of Guanajuato State (Fig. 1). It includes the La Luz area on the west, Peregrina-El Cubo on the east, and Santa Rosa to the northeast (Fig. 2).

The town of Guanajuato occupies a narrow valley almost at the center of the district, at 21°0r01″N and 101°15′20″W.

The mining district connects with Highway 57 by way of Dolores Hidalgo and San Luis de La Paz; and with Highway 45 by way of Silao. The Guanajuato-Silao railroad branch connects the district with the main México-Ciudad Juárez line. A smallcraft airport (Los Infantes) is about 18 km south of Guanajuato on the road to Irapuato; commercial airlines fly to Mexico City from the town of León, on Highway 45, 62 km west from Guanajuato. A 3.2-km all-weather dirt road from La Olla Dam in Guanajuato City to Mineral del Cubo leads to the Torres-Cedros Mine, the largest producer in the district.

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