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The Real de Angeles deposit is the result of geologic events causing a mass of marine sedimentary rocks approximately 400 m long by 400 m wide and 400 m of known depth to become more or less uniformly mineralized in silver, lead, zinc, and other elements.

Exploration and quantification of the deposit′s potential, and subsequent planning, financing, and construction of the necessary installations have resulted in its successful development.

In 1985, opencast mining produced 11,400,000 troy ounces of silver, 37,800 tons of lead, and 30,600 tons of zinc, approximately equivalent to 19 percent of the silver, 21 percent of the lead, and 16 percent of the zinc produced in Mexico.

Minera Real de Angeles has countered the drastic price reductions by increasing treated ore volumes from the original 10,000 tons/day capacity to 14,500 tons/day, reducing costs and increasing productivity indexes; 85 percent of the financial commitments will have been covered by the second half of 1986.

Mina Real de Angeles is located in Noria de Angeles Municipality, eastern Zacatecas State in central Mexico, at geographic coordinates 22°25′N and 101°54′W (Fig. 1), at the center of a triangle formed by the towns of San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas, and Aguascalientes, to which it is connected by roads; the Aguascalientes- San Luis Potosí railroad stops at Estación La Honda, 10 km east of the mine.

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