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The Taxco Mining District is located in the Neovolcanic Axis Metallogenetic Province in northern Guerrero State, at an elevation of 1,700 m (Fig. 1).

This district includes the San Antonio, Guerrero, Remedios, Guadalupe, and Golondrina Mines. In 1534, Conquistadors Juan de La Cabra, Juan Salcedo, Muriel and Hernán Cortés mined and processed silver from the Socavón del Rey (now known as Mina del Pedregal), which was worked sporadically until 1747. In 1802, José de la Borda and José Vicente de Anza discovered a large silver bonanza in Tehuilotepec; José de la Estaca found another in the Juliántra area; these mines were almost inactive from 1802 to 1880. A flotation plant was installed in 1920 by the American Smelting and Refining Company. Ores were processed by amalgamation. Industrial Minera México, S.A. (IMMSA), owner of all the properties in the district, which employs 1,298 workers at the IMMSA mines and Taxco District plant, was producing 3,300 t/d in 1984.

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