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The Zacualpan District is located in the Zacualpan municipality near the northern Guerrero stateline, southwestern State of México, 94 km directly southwest of Mexico City and 164 km by land through Toluca; geographic coordinates are 18°44′00″N and 99°48′30″W. Average elevation is 2,060 m (Fig. 1). It lies at the northern border of the Cuenca del Balsas–Mezcala subprovince of the Sierra Madre del Sur physiographic province. The rugged mountain relief is in the mature stage of the erosional cycle; drainage follows a rectangular pattern. The climate is predominantly semitropical to subhumid; annual rainfall averages 800 to 1,600 mm and temperatures range 14° to 22°C. Vegetation is characterized by white oak (Quercus cand×;nas), pine (Pinus ocote), arbutus (Arbustus variant), and cedar (Juniperus sp.).

Access to the area from Mexico City is by Highways 130 (México–La Marquesa Ixtapa de la Sal–Zacualpan) and 55 (México–Toluca–Almoloya de Alquiciras Zacualpan).

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