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Although incompletely explored, the best known of the titanium deposits in the state of Oaxaca are those in the Etla District, covering parts of the San Francisco Telixtlahuaca, San Pablo Huitzo, and Santa Maria Tenexpan municipalities (Fig. 1). The deposits are predominantly ilmenite, with iron, phosphorous, and occasional very subordinate rutile. They form part of 2,450 hectares of the Mineral Reserves Zone protected by the Mining Development Commission (as published in the Diario Oficial of Oct. 8, 1973) in the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca physiographic province. The geologic setting is almost exclusively a region of late Precambrian metamorphic rocks in an area of more or less uniform relief.

Trails lead to the area from the villages of Telixtlahuaca and Huitzo, 120 km from Oaxaca on either the Oaxaca-Mexico highway or by railroad. Year-round passable trails that formerly interconnected the ilmenite deposits during the exploration period have been abandoned.

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