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This is one of several important silver mines in Chihuahua.It is located south of central Chihuahua and forms part of the Parral Super district, which also includes the Santa Bárbara, Palmillas, Parral, and La Esmeralda Districts. The San Francisco del Oro District is approximately 100 km south of the city of Chihuahua, the state capital, and 20 km southwest of Hidalgo del Parral (Fig. 1). It is accessible by an excellent road system.

Numerous mineralized bodies have been located to date.The famous Mina de Agua, discovered in 1567, gathered a horde of prospectors, and mining at La Prieta started in 1629. The San Diego de Minas Nuevas bonanza in 1645 renewed prospecting activity that developed dozens of silver and gold mines in the area, many of which are still in production. By 1659, more than 115 mines were operating.

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