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The La Encantada District is located in the Ocampo municipality, Coahuila, at coordinates 28°22′N and 102°;35′W, at an elevation of 1,800 m. The nearest important town is Muzquiz, Coahuila, 120 km directly southeast on the Muzquiz-Boquilla del Carmen road, which is paved for 100 km and earthworks for another 120 km; bypaths connect La Encantada with Ocampo, Coahuila (160 km), and Ciudad Camargo, Chihuahua (Fig. 1); a light-aircraft runway is 20 km away.

La Encantada is one of the few mining districts in Mexico that was not discovered during the Spanish colonization. The first indications were found by local people in 1956, and Cia. Minerà Los Angeles immediately began to mine the San José, Guadalupe, La Escondida, and San Francisco orebodies; La Prieta, the best producer to date, was discovered in 1963.

La Encantada, S.A., began operations in the area in 1967, installing a magnetic separation plant in 1973 that was later substituted by a flotation plant (1978). Two important discoveries are the “660” contact orebody and the high-grade mantos zone between levels 635 and 710.

Total tonnage in the known orebodies is about 4.0 MMT, averaging 450 g/ton Ag and 12 percent Pb (Rico, Aguilera, 1983). Mineral extracted by La Encantada, S.A., exceeds 1.8 MMT, averaging 350 g/ton Ag and 5.0 percent Pb (Trejo, de la Cruz, 1983).

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