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The importance of the La Caridad disseminated copper deposits is not only the history of its exploration and discovery by modern methods and its location as the southernmost occurrence known to date of the copper belt running from Utah through Arizona in the United States to Mexico, but also its example of Mexico’s copper potential. References on the detailed geology and geologic history of the deposit are included here. However, for purposes of a knowledgeable general abstract, this chapter is summarized from unpublished work in the files of the Consejo de Recursos Minerales by Richard H. Sillitoe, who was invited in 1975 to research Mexico’s copper ores.

The La Caridad exploration program was described by Coolbaugh (1971) and the general geology by Saegart and others (1974); Echavarri (1971,1975) carried out detailed petrographic and alteration studies. Consequently, Sillitoe restricted his work to certain outstanding geologic features.

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