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Economic Geology, the use of geologic science in the discovery, production, and economics of mineral resources, and Engineering Geology, the application of the science to the requirements of engineering, are two important branches of applied geology. There is, of course, much interfingering and overlapping between them. Engineering Geology finds its greatest usefulness in civil, military, and mining engineering.

Engineering Geology is obviously not a division of geologic science. A review of its development during the past half century is not a resume of advancements in geology as a whole or in any of its phases, but rather a review of the utilization of geology in engineering. Such an account perhaps more properly belongs in a resume of engineering, for it is clearly a story of progress in engineering practice. There is no history to be written in terms of successive discoveries of new facts or principles marking successive advancements in engineering geology. An attempt to compile such a record would entail a review of progress in practically all divisions of geologic science, as essentially all phases of geology are brought into play in the practice of engineering geology. A review of important applications of engineering geology in specific cases of engineering operations during the past 50 years would, moreover, be difficult if not impossible because most of the geological reports have been privately made and are unpublished and not available.

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