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In the 50 years which have elapsed since 1888 an increasingly active interest features the search for Man’s antecedents. The borderline field of prehistoric archeology encompasses both paleontology and archeology and, as the approach is made by the paleontologist, concerns itself more particularly with the sequence of faunas of the Quaternary and determination of first appearance of a human record in this sequence. Investigations conducted over this period of time seem to have emphasized the divergence in history of the New and Old World with regard to Man’s time and place of development, and to have established more clearly and on a surer factual basis Man’s position in the Quaternary sequence of America. The state of this knowledge in our own region is one, however, in which active interest is now thoroughly aroused with the result that accumulation of new facts is still in progress, and clarification of debatable issues a matter of the future.

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