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This display illustrates the geological architecture,tectonic style and geophysical expression of the northern Canadian Pacific continental margin in the vicinity of the modern triple junction between the Pacific,America and Juan de Fuca Plates. In addition to active transform and convergent tectonics, the region embraces the junctions between allochthonous, or suspect terranes. The tectonic history, distribution and suture between two of these terranes, Wrangellia and the Alexander Terrane, is partly based upon interpretations of geophysical data beneath water-covered areas and, as such, is somewhat conjectural

The sources of information for the display are published and unpublished maps, reports and data files of the Geological Survey of Canada, Earth Physics Branch, Departments of Geology and of Geophysics and Astronomy, both at the University of British Columbia, and the Geological Branch of the British Columbia Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources. Unpublished geophysical and subsurface sample information has been provided by Chevron Standard Ltd. and Shell Canada Resources Ltd.

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