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This volume continues and updates Memoir 137, Bibliography and Index of Paleozoic Crinoids, 1969-1973 (Webster, 1973). It includes papers published from 1969 illustrating or decribing Paleozoic crinoids. In addition, a number of papers published from 1939 through 1968, overlooked or unavailable to me earlier, are indexed.

The bibliography lists 279 new titles of which 236 are indexed. Other papers included are 21 papers concernig crinoid paleoecology (Breimer, 1969; Lawrence, 1971; Dubatolova 1973a; Mantea, 1970, 1971; Lane, 1971) correlation (Horowitz and Perry, 1961), geographic distribution (Jefferies and others, 1967; Strong and Kean, 1972; Horowitz and Waters, 1972; Regnell, 1960), systmatics (Lane, 1970b), functional morphology (Nichois, 1972), pathology (Moodie, 1967), skeletal chmistry (Compston, 1960), sedimentation (Tucker, 1969), (Arendt and Soloviev, 1971, 1972, 1973) and 21 titles of abstracts. These papers and abstracts show some of the diversity of crinoid studies and their applications.

As anticipated, the annual number of papers concerning Paleozoic crinoids continues to increase. Theses is an average of 37.5 papers (not including abstracts) per year for the years 1969-1973. The figures given in Memoir 137 (p. ix) should be corrected to include papers here indexed. The average number of papers per year for 1960 through 1968 then become 28.9.

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