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This volume continues and updates Memoir 137, Bibliography and Index of Paleozoic Crinoids 1942–1968 (Webster, 1973) and Microform Publication 8 Bibliography and Index of Paleozoic Crinoids 1969–1973 (Webster, 1977). It includes papers published from 1974 through 1980 illustrating or describing Paleozoic crinoids. In addition, thirteen papers published from 1940 through 1973, overlooked or unavailable to me earlier, are indexed.

The bibliography is presented in two parts. The first part lists 308 papers, articles, and volumes of which 249 are indexed. Non-indexed papers (59) concern crinoid paleoecology and community structure (Abbott, 1976; Alberstadt and Walker, 1976; Ausich, 1980a, 1980b; Ausich and Lane, 1980; Breimer and Webster, 1975; Franzen, 1979; Horowitz, 1979; Stephenson, 1980; Walker, 1973; Zeigler and Ginsburg, 1973), biostratigraphy and biogeography correlation (Broadhead, 1980; Dubatolova, 1977; Horowitz, 1977; Horowitz and Strimple, 1974; Hynda, 1974, 1975b, 1979c; Kier, 1973; Kim and others, 1978; Kutscher, 1976b; McIntosh and Macurda, 1979; Milicina, 1979; Paul, 1976b; Strimple, 1977d; Strimple and Horowitz, 1975; Stukalina, 1977a, 1978b, 1978c, 1979c; Stupatchenko, 1976; Webster, 1977; Welch and Lane, 1977; Witzke, Frest and Strimple, 1976; Yeltyschewa and others, 1978), terminology (Philip, 1980), classification (Breimer and Ubaghs, 1974; Haugh and Bell, 1980b; Paul, 1979; Sprinkle, 1976a, 1908), preservation and fossil record (Lane and Webster, 1980; Lewis, 1980; Sprinkle, 1980a; Termier and Termier, 1980), functional analysis (Arend* and Rozhnov, 1979; Paul, 1975), historical studies (Kutscher, 1976c), general studies (Strimple, 1975d), mathematical applications (Brower, Clement and Veinus, 1978), new studies (Strimple, 1975k), research reviews (Regnell, 197b; Ubaghs, 1975), type repositories (Harmon, 1978;)

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