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H. Schols
H. Schols
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June 01, 1956


Although geological investigation of the country dates from the middle of the last century, our knowledge is still very deficient. Geological information has been gained by geological exploration, by mining work, topographic surveys, and general research work. The investigations have been largely restricted to the principal rivers and some of the few other easily accessible parts, so that large areas, especially in the southern part of the country and between the rivers, have never been studied. The geology of the country is therefore known only in a general way. The geological map of Surinam must be regarded as a rough sketch only. In coming years it will certainly have to be changed in many respects.

All the available and rather scattered data were treated comprehensively in 1931 by Dr. R. IJzerman in his Outline of the geology and petrology of Surinam. A systematic geological survey was begun by the establishment of a Geological Mining Service in 1943. Because of the war, this service has remained short of personnel, and nothing of importance has yet been contributed. Aerial mapping of the country was begun in 1947, and this undoubtedly will add greatly to our knowledge.

The following account of the geology of the country is based on older descriptions and especially on IJzerman’s work. The attempt to arrange the data in chronological succession is the present author’s.



Although several formations have been distinguished, very little is known about their mutual relationship. The following list of

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Handbook of South American Geology: An Explanation of the Geologic Map of South America

William F. Jenks
William F. Jenks
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Geological Society of America
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June 01, 1956




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