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Religious faith provides a strong motivation for mobilizing many geoscientists in making the world both a safer place to live and one in which a sustainable use of resources could be developed for the future. The history of science up to the present day is rich in individuals who have seen their scientific endeavors as a natural outworking of their faith. This is unsurprising, for scientists in many/most religious traditions are keenly aware of the interface among the creator (God), his creation (“nature”), and his creatures (humankind). Many of the most pressing problems of our day can be addressed by geoscientists; these include global climate change, water resources, mineral resources, and disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. In addition, many religious folk are willing to support relief and development work in low-income areas both near and far from home, and they are educated and motivated to do so by common links of religious affiliations that cut across national and cultural boundaries and are global in scope.

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