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The TanDEM-X digital elevation model (DEM), generated by the TanDEM-X mission, provides a unique opportunity for studying the topography and morphology of terrestrial impact structures. In the TanDEM-X mission, the two Earth-orbiting X-band radar satellites TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X are operated in close formation to act as a single-pass interferometer. Interferometric processing of the acquired data yields a global DEM with unprecedented accuracy of better than 4 m and a spatial resolution of 12 m. We investigate how the TanDEM-X DEM can be used for mapping terrestrial impact structures by applying it to the confirmed impact craters in the Earth Impact Database of the Planetary and Space Science Centre at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. The majority of these structures show distinct topographic signatures. Particularly prominent are medium-sized eroded craters. We provide representative elevation and X-band amplitude maps for a sample of the Earth Impact Database entries.

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