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The Bisoni-McKay area, a structurally isolated, fault-bounded horst, offset eastward at the south end of the Fish Creek Range, displays a geologic terrane that is previously unrecorded in Nevada, and perhaps elsewhere in North America. This unique terrane is an olistostrome that was shed eastward by listric faulting from the east side of the migrating Antler orogenic forebulge in Late Devonian (early Famennian, ca. 373 Ma) time. Stratigraphic identification of Devonian olistoliths and enclosing matrix that constitute the olistostrome, as well as overlying postemplacement units, is supported by correlation to formations in the main part of the Fish Creek Range and to the northwest in the northern Antelope Range. Precise zonal dating of map units and revised dating of Antler orogenic events are provided by 38 conodont collections recorded in the Devonian/Carboniferous (D/C) Conodont Database and by small collections of conodonts embedded in siltstone and mudstone. Our revision of regional geologic history uses Devonian conodont zones to measure “deep time” to circa millions of years before present.

The upper Upper Devonian (Famennian) tongue of the Woodruff Formation was deposited directly on the olistostrome and is overlain by clastic Mississippian synorogenic deposits. These deposits were shed eastward from the evolving Antler highland and related Roberts Mountains allochthon into the Antler foredeep.

We propose the following revised dates for important Devonian tectonic events in Nevada: initiation of Antler orogeny, ca. 385 Ma; downwarping of Pilot backbulge basin, ca. 382 Ma; initial uplift of the Antler highland, ca. 373 Ma; third, major pulse of highland uplift, ca. 364 Ma. A summation of regional geologic history indicates that the elapsed time from start of Antler orogeny to start of Roberts Mountains thrusting was ~30 m.y.

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