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The Frenchman Springs Member is the most voluminous member of the Wanapum Basalt, Columbia River Basalt Group. We have revised the distribution maps and estimates of the areas and volumes for the units of the Frenchman Springs based on mapping and fieldwork that have been conducted since the previous compilation in 1989. The revised estimates indicate that many of the Frenchman Springs flows are significantly larger than previously believed. The total area underlain by Frenchman Springs flows is now estimated to be ~72,595 km2; the revised volume is estimated to be ~7628 km3. Based on the new data, the Basalts of Palouse Falls, Ginkgo, Sand Hollow, and Sentinel Gap are significantly more voluminous than previously indicated, while the Basalt of Silver Falls is significantly smaller. We have also reduced the number of units within the Frenchman Springs Member to five. The Basalt of Lyons Ferry has been combined with the Basalt of Sentinel Gap based on the similarity of their geochemistries and paleomagnetism and the lack of an identified dike/vent system. Geochemical variations in Frenchman Springs Member flows (as well as those in the Roza and Priest Rapids Members, Wanapum Basalt) are consistent with being produced by open magma system processes.

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