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A Oh-5, C-5.43


AcBr3 H-0.581

AcCl3 H-0.597

AcF3 H-1.763

Ac2O3 H-1.55

AcOBr Tet-1.733

AcOCl Tet-1.667

AcOF C-5.943

AcPO4. ½H2O H-0. 921

Ac2S3 C-8.99


Ag Oh-5, C-4. 08548 to 4. 1359

AgAl H-1.624, C-4.061

Ag3Al C-3.25, C-6.934

Ag2Al2H4O12Si3 C2v-19

Ag5. 25A15. 8Na2. 3O24s1. 95Si6. 2 Td-4

Ag2Al2Si3O10.2H2O O-0.984

AgAsH2O4 D2d-12

AgAsMg Td-2, C-6.253

Ag3AsO4 Td-4, C-6. 129 to 6.142

AgAs5(Pb,T1)2S10 D2h-15

Ag2As2S4 C2h-6

Ag3AsS3 C2h-6, C3v-6, H-0. 8049

AgAuCl6Cs2 D4h-17

AgAuTe4 C2h-4

AgBe2 Oh-7, C-6. 300

Ag4Bi4PbS9 Td-3

AgBiS2 O-0.968

AgBr Oh-5, C-5.776

AgBr-AgCl C-5. 55–5.78

AgBr-AgI C-5. 779 - 5.928

AgCN H-0. 877, C-5. 70

Ag2CO3 M-0.507

Ag2C2O4 M-1.504

AgCd H-1.566, C-3.332 to 4. 183

Ag5Cd8 Td-3, C-9.983

AgCe Oh-1

AgCl Oh-5, C-5.556

AgCl-AgI C-6.457

AgC1O2 Tet-0.550

AgC1O3 C4h-5, Tet-0.9302

AgC1O4 Td-2, C-6. 93, C - 7 .01

AgCoH6N6O8 D4h-4

Ag(Co(NH3)2(NO2)4 Tet-1.496

AgCu C-3. 6203 to 3.6429

(Ag, Cu)9AsS6 C2h-3

8(Ag, Cu)2S.As2S3 M-1. 732, H-1.632

(Ag, Cu)9S6Sb C2h-3

8(Ag, Cu)2S.(Sb, AS)2S3 M-1.732

8(Ag, Cu)2S.Sb2S3 M-1. 732, H-1.581

AgF Oh-5, C-4.93

Ag2F D3d-3, H-1.910

AgF3H6 O14S2 C3v-5

Ag2 F e2O4 H-1.375

AgFeS2 D2d-12, Tet-1.820

AgFe2S3 D2h-21, 0-0.9154

Ag2Fe5S8 D2h-21, O - 0. 919

AgFe3(SO4)2(OH)6 H-2.271

Ag8GeS6 O-0. 818

Ag2H3 IO6 C3i-2, H-2.071

AgH6eN3O3 C2v-10

Ag2H12N4O4S D2d-4

AgH6O6Sb C4h-4

AgHg C-4. 184, C-10.035

Ag2Hg3 C-10.1

Ag3Hg4 Oh-9, C-10. 11

Ag20Hg30 Oh-9

Ag2HgI4 D2d-1, Tet-1. 000, C-6. 353 to C-6.396

AgI C6v-4, Td-2, H-1.6334, H-1.640, C-5.044 to C-6.502

AgIO3 O-0. 479

AglO4 C4h-6, Tet-2.238. . . .

Agln2 D4h-18

Ag2In Td-3

Ag3In D6h-4

AgLa Oh-1

AgLi Oh-1

AgMg. . .

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