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The purpose of the present volume is to present a critical compilation of crystallographic data, obtained mainly by x-ray or electron diffraction. These data pertain to the symmetry and geometry of the cell. The book is divided into two parts.

Part I (by Nowacki) deals with the classification of crystalline substances by space groups. It lists the substances, arranged according to seven chemical types, that crystallize in the different space groups. The sampling is sufficiently representative to yield statistical data on the distribution of substances among the various symmetry groups. Complete literature references are given for all substances mentioned.

Part II (by Donnay) consists of tables for the identification of crystalline substances by means of cell dimensions, space, group, specific gravity, and other auxiliary properties. The determinative method rests on the conventional choice of a cell, which must be uniquely determined. Arbitrary rules, based on metric considerations, insure this uniqueness. All crystal descriptions have been made to conform to them, at the cost of a great many reorientations. An axial ratio, a/b in the trimetric systems and c/a in the dimetric, or the cell edge, in the cubic system, is used as the determinative number under which a compound is to be “looked up.”

Although they now appear as one volume, the two parts actually represent separate pieces of work, which were prepared independently. Joint publication was not decided until Part I was finished and Part II was nearing completion. It was deemed advantageous to have all the data collected . . .

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