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The eastern Lake Mead region, central Basin and Range Province, contains an abrupt boundary between the Colorado Plateau and Basin and Range, west of which decades of tectonic studies have documented extreme (at least 60 km) westerly translation of the Frenchman Mountain structural block away from the boundary, currently at a distance of ~95 km. Detachment-style faulting and large lengthening in the eastern Lake Mead region are generally accepted (eight of ten papers in a 2010 compilation of recent research) as integral to the large province-wide lengthening at this latitude. Presented here is field geologic evidence of the contribution of karsting and tilting on multiple fixed axes to the Miocene strain history. Together with newly recognized strike slip on northerly striking faults, associated steep-axis bending, and evidence against fault listricity, the region probably contributes little to Province-wide lengthening, but estimates of westerly translation of the Frenchman Mountain block remain unchanged.

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