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To test the lunar cataclysm hypothesis and anchor the beginning of the basin-forming epoch on the Moon, which are high science priorities for lunar exploration, we evaluated potential landing sites within Schrödinger basin. This impact site is the second youngest basin-forming event and lies within the South Pole–Aitken basin, which is the oldest and largest impact basin on the Moon. Thus, landing sites within Schrödinger should provide access to impact lithologies with ages of each event, providing a bracket of the entire basin-forming epoch and resolving both of the leading science priorities. Additionally, the floor of Schrödinger basin has been partially covered by younger mare and pyroclastic units. The volcanic materials, as well as impact-excavated and uplifted units, will provide chemical and lithologic samples of the lunar crust and potentially the upper mantle. Collectively, the impact and volcanic lithologies will provide calibration points to the entire lunar stratigraphic column.

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